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Philadelphia Inquirer, January 3, 2020: "The 10 most important figures in Philadelphia labor in 2020"

Philadelphia Magazine, October 17, 2020: "Inside the new generation of Philadelphia Unions"

Generocity September 24, 2020: "'One of the keys to the Philadelphia Worker Relief Fund's success was accessibility"

New York Times, September 18, 2020: "'Housekeepers face a disaster generations in the making

Billy Penn, July 9, 2020: "'Philly's new $1.7 million fund helps cash economy workers left out of COVID stimulus

WHYY, June 29, 2020: "'Green doesn't mean go: Pa. workers weigh risks, benefits of job reopenings

New York Times, June 18, 2020: "'How housekeepers and domestic helpers can safely return to work

Philadelphia Inquirer, May 1, 2020: "'Law protecting domestic workers takes effect as they're losing jobs in droves

WHYY, May 1, 2020: "'Invisible no longer: I'm a nanny and finally, I have the protections I need

Philadelphia Inquirer, March 26, 2020: "'Why Philly workers are fighting for a local coronavirus relief fund

Telemundo 62, March 13, 2020: "'Trabajadoras domesticas en riesgo de contagio

Philadelphia Inquirer, March 15, 2020: "'These Philly workers are effectively jobless as the coronavirus shuts down their industries

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 13, 2020: "'Philadelphia is one step closer to setting a permanent agency to protect worker rights.

Al Dia, February 12, 2020: "'Workers march ahead of City Council vote on permanent Department of Labor

Al Dia, January 20, 2020: "'What comes next for Philadelphia's domestic workers


Philadelphia Inquirer, January 7, 2020: "'2020 is set to be a big year for Philly workers. Here's what to watch for in City Hall.

Next City, November 7, 2019: "'Philly sets new gold standard for domestic worker protections

Courier News, November 4, 2019: "Philadelphia becomes second US city to give domestic workers rights


Philadelphia Tribune, October 22, 2019: "'Bill of Rights' for domestic workers heads to full City Council

Al Dia, October 18, 2019: "Domestic workers in Philadelphia fight for rights, recognition

Philadelphia Inquirer, July 31, 2019: "How slow-to-act Philadelphia came to pass some of the most cutting-edge laws in the nation

Vox, June 21, 2019: "Housekeepers and nannies in Philadelphia may soon win basic legal rights


Philadelphia Inquirer, June 20, 2019: "Here's how new labor protections for Philly's domestic workers would be applied

Al Dia, June 20, 2019: "Philadelphia City Council introduces Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

WHYY, June 20, 2019: "Here's how Philly's domestic worker bill of rights would work"

Philadelphia Tribune, June 20, 2019: "City Council looks to bolster labor protections for domestic workers

Philadelphia Inquirer, April 30, 2019: "7 groups chased Council members around City Hall to make a plea for more labor enforcement funding"

Al Dia, April 9, 2019: "City Council holds hearings on domestic workers' rights"

Telemundo 62, April 8, 2019: "Groserias y maltratos: empleadas domesticas develan su realidad"

KYW 1060, April 6, 2019: "Seeking to help workers, Council holds hearings on parking lot attendants, domestic help"

WHYY, March 21, 2019: "Why is Philly turning to national movements for anti-poverty solutions?"

The Philadelphia Tribune, March 15, 2019: "Council to explore 'bill of rights' for domestic workers"

Al Dia, March 15, 2019: "Philadelphia City Council to hold hearings on Domestic Worker Bill of Rights"

Telemundo 62, March 14, 2019:  "Buscan aumentar proteccion laboral a empleadas del hogar" 


Al Dia, March 11, 2019: "Alliance pushes for Philadelphia Domestic Worker Bill of Rights" (en espanol

Philadelphia Inquirer, March 4, 2019: "Philly could establish new protections for domestic workers like nannies and housecleaners."

Philadelphia Inquirer, March 4, 2019: "Opinion: Philly needs a bill of rights for domestic workers"

Philadelphia Inquirer,  January 3, 2019: "A new app gives paid time off to the 'original gig workers'"

Philadelphia Inquirer, December 27, 2018: "Wins and losses for Philly labor in 2018"

Philadelphia Inquirer, October 13, 2018: PDWA worker leader's op-ed featured: "How 13 women are channeling their anger about the state of America right now into action

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