Domestic Worker Rights

Did you know that house cleaners, nannies, and caregivers have some protections and rights in Pennsylvania? This includes people who are undocumented! 

✔ You should get paid for all your hours worked on time - wage theft is illegal 
✔ You should know when you are getting paid and for how much 

✔ You should be safe from physical and sexual assault and harassment
✔ This includes any physical or sexual touch, requests for sexual favors, or anything that creates an intimidating workplace
✔ Assault is a crime and should be reported. In Philadelphia, the police are prohibited from sharing your information with ICE or asking about your immigration status

✔ Your employer can't hold your  immigration documents 
✔ If you’re hurt at work, your employer should pay for your medical expenses 

If any of your rights have been violated, contact us at (484) 437-9676 to get connected with a lawyer! 

However, Pennsylvania falls far behind other states in protecting domestic workers. California, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois and Seattle have organized to win:

✔ Earn at least minimum wage  
✔ Overtime when you work over 40 hours a week
✔ Paid time off for sick and vacation days
✔ Paid rest and meal breaks 
✔ Freedom from sexual harassment and discrimination 
✔ Inability for employers to take money from your paycheck without written permission 
✔ Guaranteed written contracts with employers
✔ Guaranteed one rest day per week, or 1.5 times the pay if you choose to work
✔ Mandatory for employers to keep detailed records of all of your work hours, wages, and any deductions from your paycheck 
✔ The ability to hold an employer legally accountable if they break any of these laws!


What will it take for us to do the same in Pennsylvania? 

We can win dignity, respect and safety at work. It's not possible without you though so get involved to win!


  • Come together to create connections & friendships

  • Learn your rights

  • Develop your leadership and build power with other domestic workers 

  • Change the law and make work more dignified and safer for everyone 

Maria QS.jpg

PDWA members meet with Philadelphia City Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez to discuss challenges domestic workers face on the job.